WriteDis Info-G Dissertation Writing Seminars

  • Used by doctoral students in all disciplines to successfully write their dissertations.
  • Facilitate collaboration with universities on doctoral dissertations.
  • Accelerate time to completion and graduation for doctoral students.
  • Feature videos, animations, and infographics.

SEMINAR 1: Overview

The Overview describes the Seminars and highlights what to expect and what is expected of students in order to complete a successful doctoral dissertation.


SEMINAR 2: Orientation

The Orientation to the Dissertation Writing Seminars introduces all the important topics pertaining to a doctoral dissertation that doctoral students cannot ignore.


SEMINAR 3: Writing the Concept Paper

In Seminar Three, students will select a topic, and review the literature and research methods to write the Dissertation Plan.


SEMINAR 4: Writing Chapter One

This Seminar will show students how to provide the research background and framework of the dissertation research on a topic.


SEMINAR 5: Writing Chapter Two

This Seminar will show students how to use powerful tools to write an effective Review of the Literature, usually contained in Chapter Two.


SEMINAR 6: Writing the Methodology

This Seminar focuses on selecting participants, instrumentation, data collection, and data analysis, for the doctoral dissertation.


SEMINAR 7: Writing Chapter Four

Seminar Seven presents topics in research design and discusses how to analyze and present data that were collected in Chapter Three (Seminar Six).


SEMINAR 8: Writing Chapter Five

The Seminar focuses on the evaluation, discussion, and recommendations based on the analyses, and results of the study.


SEMINAR 9: Defending your Dissertation

Learn how to plan, present and defend a dissertation with confidence—what to highlight, how to create Speaking Notes, PowerPoints; and more.