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Earning a doctorate is a pretty huge deal. Yet, more than 50 % of doctoral students do not finish their programs.  Most experts agree that the #1 reason for non-completion is because WRITING the doctoral dissertation is difficult. In the end, the majority of students simply drop out after enormous sacrifices and huge debts. DO NOT be part of this statistic!

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Our DISSERTATION WRITING SEMINARS and DISSERTATION WRITING COACHES provide all the guidance and assistance you will ever need to write your doctoral dissertation successfully.

Our DISSERTATION WRITING COACHES give you the “how to” skills for completing each topic, each concept and each section of each chapter of your dissertation.

Our DISSERTATION WRITING SEMINARS are exactly what they sound like—Seminars you can count on to help you write your Doctoral Dissertation (or Thesis). Seminars use video format, are super-charged with high engagement content, and filled with “steps” and tips to help you to write your doctoral dissertation with confidence and in a short period of time.

All Seminars are facilitated by university professors and dissertation experts. They are short, completely online, and organized into 61 easy-to-follow STEPS. You can choose one STEP, a few STEPS or take the complete 61 STEPS! It all depends on what you need, and how much ground you want to gain or cover.

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WriteDis Dissertation Writing Seminars and Coaches are affordable, engaging, focused on all parts of a doctoral dissertation and are completely online. Seminars are facilitated by a Seminar Leader (University Professor), and Seminars provide all the important STEPS for Writing a Successful Doctoral Dissertation.

SEMINAR 3: Writing the Concept Paper

Most dissertations start with a “Plan”, which is known by several names: Dissertation Proposal, Prospectus, Dissertation Plan, Thesis Proposal, Qualifying Paper, Concept Paper, and more.  Regardless of its name, the “plan” usually includes the same general format and components needed to write the Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis.  Seminar Three provides the skills and steps to create all the components needed to write a Dissertation “Plan” which we refer to as the “Concept Paper”.

SEMINAR 4: Writing Chapter One

This Seminar will show you how to write Chapter One of a Doctoral Dissertation.  You will introduce the dissertation and provide readers with the research background of the dissertation and a framework for the research on your topic.  Here you will research what has been written about your topic to make a case that your research is important and urgent.  You will develop a series of short papers or “pieces of writing” to create the draft of Chapter One of your dissertation. 

SEMINAR 5: Writing Chapter Two

This Seminar will show you how to systematically search the academic databases for peer reviewed material relevant to your topic. Here, you will write a clear and effective Review of the Literature, usually contained in Chapter Two.  You will use powerful tools to make an outline, write the introduction, use headings and transitions, select, organize and critically analyze concepts and scholarly sources; and review theory and research that are relevant to your research problem.

SEMINAR 6: Writing the Methodology

Seminar Six will show you how to write a detailed description of your research plans for collecting and analyzing the data needed to complete the doctoral dissertation.  This Seminar will assist you to describe the selection of participants, instrumentation plans, data collection and data analysis, and specify the type of evidence you will need to test the hypotheses or answer the research questions.  You will write a draft of Chapter Three (Methodology) that clearly defines how the study will be conducted.

SEMINAR 7: Writing Chapter Four

Seminar Seven presents topics in research design, and discusses how to analyze and present data that you collected in Chapter Three (Seminar Six).  Whether you are conducting a qualitative or quantitative study, this Seminar will examine the common features and components that typically comprise the “Results” section of a doctoral dissertation, and show you how to prepare for the data analysis, write the Introduction; and organize data using tables and figures to present your results.

SEMINAR 8: Writing Chapter Five

Seminar Eight shows you how to write Chapter Five of a doctoral dissertation. Chapter Five is unique and different from earlier chapters. Here, you explore various topics that typically form part of Chapter Five, and link the interpretation of the results of your dissertation research to the Research Questions, Hypotheses, Theoretical Framework, previous research and data (with citations). We show you how to tell your story and make recommendations, based on the results of your research.

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We use WriteDis 61 STEPS to Write a Successful Doctoral Dissertation!  Each STEP is filled with powerful strategies, focuses only on one dissertation component at a time, and is facilitated by university professors who have been managing doctoral dissertations for many years.  Seminars cut through “dense content” and break down complex topics into small, fun, bite-sized facts and STEPS that candidates can easily and immediately apply to writing their dissertations.  We prevent information overload, engage candidates,  and in the end, simplify the complex process of writing a doctoral dissertation!

Stand and Defend Your Doctoral Dissertation with Confidence!

Our Dissertation Writing Seminars will show you how to plan an effective and confident Defense of the Dissertation— what to highlight, how to create Speaking Notes and PowerPoints; and how to present in front of your Dissertation Committee and peers, when you defend that dissertation.

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Regardless of the field of study, 61 STEPS to Write a Successful Doctoral Dissertation presents everything you will ever need to finish your doctoral dissertation in no time at all!   We will guide you through each and every STEP of the research and writing process to finish your dissertation with confidence. Get your FREE Dissertation Writing Consultation.

Even if you are fortunate to be one of the most talented doctoral students, you may still be under-prepared for the rigorous demands of writing a doctoral dissertation!

I have recruited, taught and advised doctoral students for many years.  Although they were all intelligent and motivated, it did not take me long to realize that while intelligence and motivation are essential traits, those alone won’t get them the Doctorate.  I have seen them succeed and fail…and when they fail, it is always related to writing the doctoral dissertation”.  
Dr. Hilroy Thomas, Founder & Creative Strategist, 
WriteDis and the Dissertation Writing Network.