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Let’s face it, writing a doctoral dissertation doesn’t have to be that difficult, frustrating, or intimidating.  Neither does it have to be a lifetime of writing, and definitely should never have to produce this avalanche of “ABD’s”, with huge debts, diminished credibility, and no doctorate! But there is an alternative!

Earning a Doctorate is a Pretty Huge Deal!

More than 50 % of doctoral students do not finish their doctorates.  And most experts agree that the #1 reason for quitting is because WRITING the doctoral dissertation is difficult. If you are one of the many doctoral students who is stuck, uninspired, have little confidence, disappointed, feeling misplaced or completely frazzled with your dissertations writing experience, TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION… view our short video.

We Provide One-to-One and Step-by-Step Coaching

We guide you on anything and everything related to writing a successful doctoral dissertation, including preparation for the final Defense of the Dissertation! We give you the “how to” skills for completing each topic, each concept and each section of each chapter of your dissertation, with confidence and in no time at all. In addition we provide tailor-made dissertation writing related services such as editing, statistical analysis, etc.

Dissertation Writing Seminars and Dissertation Writing Services are provided by WriteDis.com, founded by a Network of university professors and administrators who teach, supervise, guide or manage doctoral dissertations for many years.

We provide Dissertation Writing Seminars and Step-by-Step Coaching…

STOP, don’t write your Doctoral Dissertation forever! And if you are like most doctoral students, you may be in danger of NEVER graduating with this doctorate! Let WriteDis Seminars and its Dissertation Writing Coaches show you how to write that dissertation or thesis, and graduate in no time at all!

HELLO! Meet WriteDis Dissertation Writing Seminars and its highly credentialed Doctoral Dissertation Coaches to get your life back, and salvage the many years, and thousands of dollars already spent on this doctorate! We remove the mystery, frustration, confusion, and uncertainties about writing a doctoral dissertation or thesis.

WriteDis Dissertation Writing Seminars and coaches are affordable, short, focus on all parts of a doctoral dissertation (or thesis), completely online, show you how to write each individual chapter, and how to prepare for the Oral Defense. Seminars provide all the important STEPS for Writing A Successful Doctoral Dissertation (or Thesis)

Basic Editing

Rates: $2.50-$3.50/page

It includes correcting minor typos, spelling mistakes, syntax, punctuation, simple grammatical, formatting and styling (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).


Rates: $2.50-$3.50/page

Focus on fine-tuning well-written dissertations that only require minor adjustment such as basic style formatting, improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction, and clarity.

Developmental Editing

Rates: $12.50/page–$19.00/page

Focus on the big picture—and suggest improvements in organization, consistency and points out problems with characterization, points of view, tension, and conflict.


Rates: $3.50/page

Include all necessary adjustments to margins, citations, fonts, tables, Table of Contents, line spacing, layout, figures, and other typographical issues pertaining to your Style Manual.


Rates: $4.25-$7.00 page

Corrects minor editing errors, and only available for dissertations that have already been copy-edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.

Statistical Analysis

Rate: $110/hour

Screenings, analyses, reports, graphs, tables, format & more; assist in interpreting your findings and implications of data. We do not make revisions that violate the “Plagiarism” policy of any university or college.

WriteDis Seminars

Our Dissertation Writing Seminars provide inspiration, and combined with a powerful and practical “how to do it” dissertation writing skills, will motivate and enable you to write your dissertation successfully. There is no need to take forever, literally speaking, to complete this dissertation. And do not even think of walking away like most doctoral students! We will show you how to write the dissertation and salvage the many years and thousands of dollars already spent pursuing your doctorate.

Stand and Defend Your Doctoral Dissertation with Confidence!

Congratulations are in order if you have just completed the writing of your doctoral dissertation! But before you can receive the doctorate and celebrate this landmark event, you must Defend Your Dissertation.

FREE Dissertation Consultation

If you are already in too deep, invested too much, spent a lot, made huge sacrifices, and time is running out, WriteDis can help you with anything and everything related to writing a successful doctoral dissertation —from developing a proposal, writing each dissertation chapter, preparing for the defense of the dissertation, and our first-rate academic support services.

Our Founder

I have recruited, taught and advised doctoral students for many years.  Although they were all intelligent and motivated, it did not take me long to realize that while being smart and motivated are essential traits, those alone won’t get them the Doctorate.  I have seen them succeed and fail…and when they fail, it is always related to writing the doctoral dissertation”.  Dr. Hilroy Thomas, Founder and Chief Strategist of WriteDis and the Dissertation Writing Network.

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