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“How-to” Skills for Writing a Dissertation

WriteDis is an affiliate of the Dissertation Writing Network, founded by university professors and administrators who have been teaching, supervising, guiding and managing doctoral dissertations for many years.

Dissertation Writing Services

  • Are tailor-made to suit your dissertation writing needs.
  • Are professional, hands-on, technical and logistical.
  • Help to improve the mechanics and clarity of the content of your dissertation manuscript (editing, formatting, data analysis, etc.).
  • Include consulting and statistical analysis.
  • Are staffed by consultants and other personnel who are also highly credentialed and supportive. 
  • Are used by many doctoral students in all disciplines to complete the dissertations.
  • Are truly priceless!

Dissertation Writing Seminars

  • Help doctoral students to write their dissertations with confidence, using our time-tested “how to” skills and guided tasks.
  • Accelerate students’ time to completion of the doctorate.
  • Reduce the prolonged doctoral education related costs.
  • Are used by many doctoral students in all disciplines.
  • Focus on critical dissertation details, and cover all sections, concepts, topics and chapters necessary to produce a complete and successful doctoral dissertation samples and examples, of each important component of a dissertation.
  • Are completely online and facilitated by Seminar Leaders, using university academic policies, and ethical guidelines that govern the doctoral dissertation writing process.

Credentialed Staff

  • Include dissertation writing experts, editors, consultants, statisticians, and other technical and support staff who are highly credentialed, supportive and professional.
  • Have many years of experience.
  • Will guide you through each and every step of the research and writing process. 
  • Have guided many candidates, just like you,through the dissertation writing process.
  • Are university professors with earned doctorates (PhD, EDD, DBA, etc.) and expertise in various disciplines and specializations.
  • Have one responsibility — to show you how to write a successful dissertation!