Refer Others, We Pay You!

We pay you when you refer your friends and dissertation colleagues to our Dissertation Writing Seminars or Services! There is no limit to the number of clients you may refer. Yes, we reward you with dollars for each successful referral you make. We say thank you via our Write-Dis Rewards Program.  What’s more, you do not need to purchase any of our services to take advantage of our Write-Dis Rewards program.

Rules of Rewards

To receive the rewards, the following rules apply:1) There is no limit to the number of clients you may refer—we reward for each successful referral; 2) A successful referral is a person who is registered, enrolled and paid for one or more Dissertation Writing Seminars or Services; 3) You will only be rewarded once per referred client; 4) The referral must be a new client who has not previously contacted Write-Dis via our contact form, phone or email; 5) Your reward payments will be processed via PayPal. Please note that Standard PayPal fees will apply—i.e. PayPal typically charges up to 2.8% from any transaction. For questions about those transactions fees contact PayPal directly; 6) Your PayPal accounted will be debited for amount paid to you for referring a client in the event that payment from that client is refunded, cancelled, or otherwise voided.

Claim Your Rewards

Each time you refer a new client who makes a purchase order of: a) $150-$299, you receive $30.00; b) $300-$499.00, you receive $60.00; c) $500.00 or more, and you receive $80.00.