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How to Write the Results Section of a Dissertation

Analyzing Data & Presenting Results

In this Seminar we will start by presenting a review of some of the topics in research design that may concern your study. In addition, we will focus on analyzing data that you collected in Chapter Three.  Whether you are conducting a qualitative or quantitative study, this Seminar will assist you in many ways. First, you will restate the “information” that you require to complete Chapter Four—Analysis and Results. Second, take specific steps to present and analyze data. Third, analyze the common features and components that typically appear in the Results section of a doctoral dissertation. Fourth, use step by step guides to present each section (including tables, graphs and WriteDis “45 Important Considerations in Writing Chapter Four”). Firth, write an outline and introduction; organize data—creating tables and figures to present, summarize and report data. Finally, you will use statistical analyses where applicable.

Ten Convenient Modules

This seminar on analyzing data and reporting results is offered in ten convenient Modules. However, you will be expected to participate in at least six. Each Module comes in video and audio to help you make the most of your learning experience.  In addition, you have access to the Seminar Leaders who will give you active and value filled feedback on each section of the dissertation.

MODULE ONE: Summary of Seminar Begin Module 1
MODULE TWO: (Quantitative): Preparing the Results of Quantitative Study Begin Module 2
MODULE THREE:  (Quantitative): Organizing Your Data and Creating Tables and Figures Begin Module 3
MODULE FOUR: Quantitative):Summarizing Your Data Begin Module 4
MODULE FIVE: (Quantitative): Reporting Your Data—Tests of Research Questions or Hypotheses Begin Module 5
MODULE SIX: (Quantitative): Summary of Chapter Four Begin Module 6
MODULE SEVEN: (Qualitative): Preparing the Results: Outline and Introduction of Chapter Four Begin Module 7
MODULE EIGHT: (Qualitative): Organizing Data—Create Multiple Tables and Figures Begin Module 8
MODULE NINE: (Qualitative): Presenting Your Data—Developing Themes, Patterns and Topics Begin Module 9
MODULE TEN: (Qualitative): Reporting Your Data—Results Begin Module 10


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