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Overview of Dissertation Seminars 

Our Commitment

Each Module of each Seminar comes in video and audio to help you make the most of your learning experience.  Most of all, you have access to the Seminar Leaders who will give you active and value-filled feedback on each section of the dissertation. Our Dissertation Seminars will give you the “how to” actionable skills for writing a dissertation. We show you how to complete each topic, each concept and each section of each chapter, with professional “hand holding” guidance.  We also provide targeted readings, videos, samples and examples of each important component of the dissertation. Finally we provide you with related dissertation services such as editing, formatting, statistical analysis and consulting.  

In our Dissertation Seminars, you will work with our dedicated and credentialed Seminar Leaders who have earned doctorates and many years of experience getting doctoral students to successfully finish the dissertation. You are tutored individually, participate in online seminars based only on what needs to be done to complete each chapter of your dissertation. Our participants work to produce and submit quality written and cited material for review and feedback from our professors within suggested deadlines.

Organization of Seminars

The Seminars are organized and presented in a way that allows you to complete your dissertation with confidence and in quick time. If you are completely frustrated with the progress of your dissertation, those seminars will provide order and clarity. For those in need of professional assistance to close this “chapter” in your life, our Dissertation Seminars are designed to allow progress from one section and chapter to the next. The Write-Dis.com Dissertation Writing Seminars cover all the sections and topics that are necessary to produce a complete doctoral dissertation:  In addition:

  1. Each seminar is completely online and spans over an eight week period.
  2. Those seminars include the Concept Paper (also known as the Dissertation Proposal), five other Seminars ( one for each of the five chapters of the traditional dissertation), and the final Preparation for the Dissertation Defense, to prepare you to defend your dissertation.

Seminar Leaders

Our Seminar Leaders, as well as our dissertation consultants, editors and statisticians are individuals who have already successfully completed their dissertations or guided many others through that same process and are excited to help you in your journey of writing your dissertation.  In other words, our business is to show you how to write a successful dissertation!

Each Dissertation Seminar is designed to provide you with the key information and insights you need to succeed in writing and defending your dissertation. The Seminars contain several modules, each focusing on a specific component of the dissertation.  We look forward to guiding you in writing a successful dissertation, as you take one dissertation at a time.

The Seminars are self-paced, each focusing on a specific component of the dissertation.  In addition:

  1. Each seminar is interactive and features direct participation, feedback and guidance from our Seminar Leaders.
  2. The typical dissertation student starts with the Concept Paper and proceeds with each dissertation chapter in sequence.
  3. Our other dissertation services such as editing, formatting, statistical analysis and consulting are in big demand.

Register for the Dissertation Seminars

You can quickly receive our hands-on training from expert dissertation instructors.  It is easy to gain access to tools and techniques of dissertation writing through our on-demand and value-packed, actionable information—REGISTER NOW!  Once you register, we will send you an email that contains your login and other important information you will need to enjoy your Seminars.

 If you have any questions or may need many help just contact us at www.WriteDis.com/support. Our trained staff at our Support Center will take great care of you!

Step 1 Attend the Orientation to Dissertation

Our Dissertation Orientation is available on-demand and may be accessed at your convenience HERE.  This is a pre-requisite for participation in the Dissertation Seminars.

Step 2 – Start Your Dissertation Seminar

Each Dissertation Seminar provides a detailed plan to help you expedite the completion of your dissertation and provide you with the tools and resources you need to write each section of each chapter in the dissertation.

Each Seminar includes a checklist to keep you on track at each stage of the writing process. You must do the Seminars, Modules and TASKS in sequence.

Step 3 – Use our other Dissertation Writing Services to Complete The Dissertation

We edit, format, consult, do statistical analysis, analyze data, etc. yes, we can guide you on anything and everything related to writing dissertations!

Step 4—Enjoy Our Self-Paced Online Seminars

You will find ALL seven of our self-paced Dissertation Seminars under the “Seminars” selection on the menu above, each one dealing with a specific part of the doctoral dissertation.

Step 5 – Select your Dissertation Seminar from the list below:


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