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Proofreading, editing and formatting documents with laptop, all part of the dissertation writing service and how to write the dissertation

A microscopic review of your dissertation manuscript

Proofreading requires a microscopic review of your dissertation to certify that your dissertation is ready to be published viagra generico prezzo.  Proofreading is only done after copy-editing is complete.  Our proofreaders:

  • Scrutinize your writing for minor typos, grammatical, spelling errors, extra or missing spaces, missing or double end punctuation, margin consistency, fonts, numbering, check website links for accuracy, and so on
  • This service is for doctoral dissertations that have already been copy-edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy
  • There are no big changes in proofreading and will only correct minor copy-editing errors if found.

The rate for this Proofreading service is $2.50/page–$3.00/page, depending on writing quality.  For approximate cost CLICK HERE!