Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services confidential?

Yes, without a doubt.  All your interactions with WriteDis staff are 100% confidential.

How long is each Dissertation Seminar?

Each dissertation seminar is 6 weeks long and covers a particular chapter of your dissertation.  However, the Seminar Three, Writing the Concept Paper (also known as the Dissertation Plan) is 8 weeks long. During each Seminar, we provide you with detailed written feedback and step-by-step guidance on all aspects of that chapter of your dissertation.  At the end of each seminar, you should be able to produce a well-developed draft of that chapter for review with your Dissertation Chair.

How long does it take to edit an entire dissertation?

Turnaround times can vary based on the type, quality and complexity of the dissertation. Regardless, we will give you an exact turnaround time based on your submission and request, before you proceed with your order. Typically, documents containing full-length dissertations (120-300 pages) typically take 7-14 business days. We can often expedite this service, though rush fees may apply.

What if I no longer wish to work with my assigned editor or consultant?

We will replace your editor or consultant with a different one. Our goal is to get you through to the finished line, no matter what.

What happens if there are errors in the edited copy?

Edits are never ever 100% error free, and typographical errors do go un-noticed. If you find any errors in your document, just inform us for a free re-edit, no questions asked.

Can I attend the Dissertation Seminars in person or meet with the Dissertation Leaders in person?

WriteDis Dissertation Writing Seminars, and accompanying Editing, Formatting and other services do not require in-person meetings. However, depending on the nature of request, we can schedule ZOOM sessions on demand. In other words, you can have access to our staff.

What are in those Dissertation Writing Seminars?

Our Dissertation Writing Seminars are led by our credentialed university professors. Each contains several modules. and covers specific information, concepts, topics or components which comprise a doctoral dissertation. Each module contains short 2-8 minute video presentations and specific dissertation writing assignments (referred to as TASKS).  Each TASK focuses on a specific component of the dissertation and is due at the conclusion of the related module.

May I speak with my editor or other technical support specialist over the phone, ZOOM or Skype?

Absolutely! represents the very best in customer service.  Our Editors and other technical specialists are always available to you by phone, and other direct communication modes such as Skype and Zoom.

Is seeking help in editing, formatting or statistical analysis of my dissertation considered cheating?

Absolutely not!  Many professors expect their students to seek professional editing assistance to ensure that the text is free from technical errors and properly formatted and analyzed. The service we provide focuses on improving the mechanics and clarity of your content rather than writing original work—which would be considered plagiarism and unethical.

Will directly write my dissertation?

The doctoral dissertation is a student’s original and scholarly research contribution to his or her chosen area of specialization. It demonstrates competent application of appropriate research procedures and ethical guidelines in the investigation of a significant problem or issue. WriteDis will absolutely not do the research or write the content of your dissertation, and will not support plagiarism or academic dishonesty of any kind.  However, we provide the hands-on tutorials, detailed written feedback and step-by-step guidance on all substantive aspects of your dissertation.

How does payment work?

We prefer electronic money transfers (Zelle, US and e-Transfer, Canada). However, we offer other payment options, including major credit cards and PayPal.  For approximate cost of our Dissertation Writing Services, CLICK HERE!

Can I be refunded if I am not satisfied?

For Dissertation Seminars, you are eligible for a full refund up to three days after the seminar begins. No refunds will be allowed after that period.

For all other services, including editing and statistical analysis, a refund will only be given when the initial job and subsequent changes were not done to the client’s satisfaction.  Client must request changes no later than 24 hours after the completed service (e.g., edited document, statistical analysis, etc.) has been delivered to the client. No refunds will be allowed after that period.  Our Refund and Termination policies are contained in each “Service Agreement” which every client must sign.

What are my options if I cannot complete a Seminar?

If you fall behind in a seminar you may be allowed to switch to a later session, at no additional cost, only if you are actively participating in the seminar in which you are currently enrolled. You cannot request a switch from a seminar if that seminar has already ended.

When can I start a Dissertation Writing Seminar?

Except for the Defense of Dissertation Seminar, participants can start a seminar on the first day of every month.  For the Defense of Dissertation Seminar, a participant can register and participate in this seminar at any time. However, participant must complete this seminar within a 14-day period, from the start date of the seminar.

Can I fast-track in a Seminar?

Yes. Although the length of each Seminar is 6 weeks, a participant can fast track through the Seminar Modules and complete a seminar in less than the six-week period.  In such a case, a participant can proceed to the next seminar in sequence. However, the participant must complete all related TASKS and get the approval of the Seminar Leader before allowed to move on.