This Conditions of Service document is part of the Request Your Seminar or Service and forms an agreement between WriteDis and Author.  It contains 3 sections: Section A refers to the Dissertation Writing Seminars, Section B refers to the Dissertation Writing Services and Section C (Miscellaneous) contains information that are common to both Sections A and B. Read the sections that apply to your request.


Section A refers to the Dissertation Writing Seminars. Please read this section carefully before enrolling in any of our Dissertation Seminars.

Attendance and Participation (if this is a Dissertation Writing Seminar): Author agrees to participate in the Seminar in which he or she is registered under the following conditions:

  1. Each Seminar is designed to engage a doctoral dissertation student (also known as the “Author”) in active and intensive research and writing in preparation for constructing selected components of a doctoral dissertation as described in the “Summary of Seminars” Section, in this document.
  2. Each Dissertation Seminar will be facilitated by a Dissertation Seminar Leader.
  3. Author will be engaged in research, writing and active participation in Seminar activities, and Seminar Leaders will provide support and critical feedback on all written components submitted to Seminar Leaders.
  4. During each Seminar, Author agrees and is expected to develop literary drafts on the various component parts or topics that form part of this Seminar.
  5. The readings, academic activities, TASKS and videos comprising parts of this Seminar are designed and assigned to assist Author with writing and preparing drafts of specific parts of a dissertation as identified in the Request Your Seminar or Service
  6. It is the Author’s responsibility, and the Author agrees to fully participate and complete all the related and required activities (and including the drafts of specific parts of a dissertation, which are also part of the respective Seminar) to ensure the satisfactory completion of each component of the dissertation as assigned, and defined in that Seminar.
  7. WriteDis definitely will not write dissertation or related parts for the Author. Instead, WriteDis will provide the Author with the necessary instruction, advice, tutorials, guidance, coaching, service and information to successfully complete and own a written draft of each concept, and of each page that comprise parts of Author’s doctoral dissertation, as assigned and defined in that Seminar.
  8. Each Seminar will only assist Author to produce written drafts of the document or Chapter identified in that Seminar.
  9. WriteDis gives Author the “how to” for completing a draft of each concept, each topic and each section of a specific chapter, with professional Seminars, targeted readings, videos, TASKS, samples and examples of each important component of the dissertation related to each particular chapter.

Duration and Completion of Seminar: Except for Seminar Three and Seminar Nine, the length of each Seminar is 6 weeks. The author can fast track through Seminar Modules and complete a Seminar in less than the designated period. In such a case, the Author can proceed to the next Seminar in sequence. Contingent upon full registration, the Author can enroll and commence participation in the next scheduled start of this Seminar.  All TASKS, re-writes, assignments, drafts and related documents must be completed within that designated time period. No additional time will be allotted. Students who do not complete the Modules within the designated week must register again and retake that Seminar the next time it is offered. Therefore, it is important to complete each module within the designated time-frame it is offered.

Grades and Feedback: This Seminar is non-graded. However, each TASK will be reviewed and feedback provided by Seminar Leaders within 36 hours of submission of a TASK by Author.

  1. The feedback will identify the weaknesses and strengths of the document as a whole, and of components within the document, and will reflect the requirements defined in that TASK, the Assessment Evaluation Rubric and the Dissertation Checklist for the specific Seminar and related Module.
  2. The feedback will be task-specific and based solely on the submission by Author on the specific TASKS, only associated with that Seminar and related Module.
  3. The feedback should result in at least one re-write (the first re-submit of that document). That means, the Author will make revisions based on the Seminar Leader’s first feedback and re-submit that document for the Seminar Leader’s Feedback #2.
  4. Author can re-submit the same document for one more feedback for a total of 3 times per TASK. Additional re-submits will be accommodated depending on the type of feedback requested.
  5. This also means that the Seminar Leader will provide a maximum of 3 feedbacks on any one TASK. This is consistent with our commitment that we will not write any dissertation for Author.
  6. The final (of 3) feedback in a Module will be sent to Author no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of that Module.
  7. Author will be denied access to the gradebook and cannot request or submit a document for feedback after the end of the second day following the conclusion of a Seminar.

Termination, Withdrawal & Refunds: Author will be held financially responsible for all fees associated with a Seminar or Service in which he or she is enrolled or uses until WriteDis is officially (in writing) informed of author’s intention to withdraw.  Furthermore, withdrawal is subjected to the following conditions:

  1. WriteDis will issue a full refund to the Author if he or she withdraws from a Seminar and notifies WriteDis within 3 days from the start of that Seminar.
  2. If Author withdraws from a Seminar starting on the 4thday, there will be no refund. However, an Author who withdraws on day 4 of a Seminar, and officially notifies WriteDis, will be allowed to join a future Seminar at no additional cost. In both cases, Authors must contact WriteDis directly within those timelines to be able to receive such considerations. Notifying a Seminar Facilitator will not be considered as having notified WriteDis.
  3. There will be no refunds or considerations for Participant who withdraws after the 4th day of a Seminar.


  1. Except for the Seminar on the Defense of a Dissertation, Authors can start a seminar on the first day of every month.
  2. For the Seminar on the Defense of a Dissertation, an Author can register and participate in this seminar at any time. However, student must complete this seminar within a 14-day period, from the start date of the seminar. There will be no extensions or refunds once a student has enrolled and logged into this Seminar.

Summary of Dissertation Writing Seminars (also known here as the “Summary”):

Overview & Orientation: The Overview describes what is included in our Dissertation Writing Seminars, discusses how these seminars can help you in writing a complete and successful doctoral dissertation. The Orientation to the Dissertation Writing Seminars introduces all the important topics pertaining to a doctoral dissertation that doctoral students normally take for granted.

Writing a Concept Paper: In this Seminar you will select a dissertation topic, review literature and research methods and create all the components for writing the Dissertation Concept Paper (or Dissertation Plan, etc.), including the statement of the problem, theoretical framework, research questions and hypotheses, and developing a rationale and statement of significance for your study.

Writing the Introduction: Here we will show you how to develop the Introduction Chapter (Chapter One of a Dissertation). You will develop individual topics or “pieces of writing” that include the following: Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Purpose of the Study, Theoretical Framework, Significance of the Study, Definition of Key Terms, Research Questions, Hypotheses, Limitations, Delimitations, Assumptions and the IRB Proposal.

Writing Review of Literature: This Seminar will show you how to search the academic databases, and select, organize and critically analyze concepts and scholarly sources to write for a scholarly audience. We will show you how to: make an outline, write the introduction, use headings and transitions, and write a summary. Finally, you will write a clear, cohesive and effective literature review.Writing Methodology Chapter: You will write your research plans describing how the doctoral dissertation research will be conducted.  Here, you will describe the selection of participants, instrumentation plans, data collection and data analysis; specify the type of evidence you will need to test the hypotheses or answer the research questions, and write a draft of Chapter Three (Methodology).

Writing the Results Chapter: You will discuss pitfalls to avoid and how to present and analyze the data that you collected in Chapter Three; create tables and figures to present, summarize and report data; and use statistical analyses where applicable.  You will also use WriteDis coveted “45 Important Considerations in Writing Chapter Four”.

Writing Discussion Chapter: In this Seminar, you will explain your results, evaluate their significance, and make a final pitch explaining why your dissertation matters. You will also interpret the results of the research, put the theoretical framework and the literature in context of the overall study, and prepare the conclusions and summaries based on the findings.

Defense of the Dissertation: Your performance on the defense of your Dissertation will determine whether it is accepted or rejected.  Therefore, you simply cannot afford to blow it!  This Seminar will help you prepare a 30-minute summary of your dissertation to present to an audience of peers and professors, explaining what you did, what you found and what it means.


Section B refers to the Dissertation Writing Services. Please read this section carefully before enrolling in any of our Dissertation Writing Services.

Delivery of Service: If the Author requires a Dissertation Writing Service, contingent upon immediate signing of this contract and payment, the deliverables of the service or consultancy are to be delivered to the Author by the WriteDis, within the hours determined elsewhere in this Conditions of Service, and subject to adjustment based on time needed as agreed by WriteDis and Author.

 Termination, Withdrawal & Refunds:  Author will be held financially responsible for all fees associated with a Seminar or Service in which he or she is enrolled or uses until WriteDis is officially (in writing) informed of author’s intention to withdraw.  Furthermore, withdrawal is subjected to the following conditions:

  1. If WriteDis terminates the agreement that includes a Service, Author will pay the WriteDis for work done up to the date of termination, and WriteDis will refund any overpayment. If the Author terminates the agreement, the Author will pay WriteDis for the work completed up to the date of termination for all time spent on the Service.

If the Service is for Statistical Analysis

  1. Original data: Author provides WriteDis with a copy of the original data. Subsequent databases developed by the WriteDis are defined in this contract as WriteDis intellectual property and unavailable to the Author. Substantial changes to the original data supplied to WriteDis once analysis has commenced, render this contract null and void, the conditions described in Termination, Withdrawal & Refunds section apply, and a new contract may be entered into if both WriteDis and Author agree.
  2. Follow-up services: Limited follow-up questions, clarification and discussions are possible. If new follow-up services are requested, WriteDis and Author will enter into a new contract.
  3. Accuracy of data handling: WriteDis takes full responsibility for accurate data handling.
  4. Limit of responsibility: WriteDis is not responsible for what the Author’s database reveals. Author is legally bound to payment whether or not statistical outcome is what was hoped for or expected.

If Service is for Copyediting, this service will include two editing passes: The Editor will edit, then send dissertation to Author for approval.  Author will either accept or reject changes and answer any of the Editor’s queries, and then if needed for further review, will return the dissertation to the Editor, who will incorporate those changes or corrections into the dissertation and clean the copy of editorial markings if requested by the Author.

Material changes: If the Author materially changes the content or formatting of the manuscript as agreed, changes hereby relieve WriteDis of all further responsibility for the manuscript’s contents or formatting.  Further assistance may be arranged under a new contract if both WriteDis and Author agree.

Summary of Dissertation Writing Seminars (also known here as the “Summary”):

  1. Basic Editing: This most popular dissertation service is for dissertations that are already edited, but need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.  It includes correcting minor typos, spelling mistakes, syntax, punctuation, simple grammatical, formatting and styling (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).
  2. Copyediting: Our copyediting will ensure that your writing is as close to perfection as possible. We focus on fine-tuning well-written dissertations that only require minor adjustment such as basic style formatting, improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction, and clarity.
  3. Developmental Editing: This is ideal for ESL students and dissertations that are early in the writing process.  We focus on the big picture—and suggest improvements in organization, consistency and points out problems with characterization, points of view, tension, and conflict.
  4. Formatting Services As a scholarly work, the dissertation must be consistently formatted throughout, to include all necessary adjustments to margins, citations, fonts, tables, Table of Contents, line spacing, layout, figures, and other typographical issues pertaining to your Style Manual.
  5. Proofreading: Proofreading requires a microscopic review of your dissertation to certify that it is ready to be published. It corrects minor editing errors, and only available for dissertations that have already been copy-edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.
  6. Statistical Analysis: We offer all phases of statistical analyses: screenings, analyses, reports, graphs, tables, format & more; assist in interpreting your findings and implications of data. We do not make revisions that violate the “Plagiarism” policy of any university or college.


Section C (Miscellaneous) contains information that are common to both Sections A and B.  Please read this section carefully before enrolling in any of our Dissertation Seminars or Services.

Plagiarism: WriteDis or its associates does not correct content or make revisions that violate the “Plagiarism” policy of any college or university. If there are content issues related to plagiarism, with the exception of recommendations on addressing feedback from the Dissertation Chair, the Author will be advised to seek assistance from the Author’s Dissertation Chair (or other persons or sources) for addressing such plagiarism. WriteDis will solely focus on objectives as described in the Summary of that Seminar or Service.  This notwithstanding, the WriteDis will provide ample guidance for student on how to access and follow most universities’ anti-plagiarism policies.

Payment: Author agrees to pay WriteDis the applicable fees for participating in its Seminar or Service. Payment is in United States dollars.  In addition:

  1. Author may use credit card or PayPal for payments. All payments for invoices received by the Author are due upon receipt, and submission of the payment must be received by WriteDis before Author commences any participation in Seminars.
  2. When contracted seminars and services listed on Author’s invoice are complete, and the balance is paid in full, this contract is considered closed.
  3. Payment of an invoice is further acknowledgement of the Author’s understanding of the nature of the Dissertation Seminar or Services provided by WriteDis and acknowledgement of the Conditions of Service and the Plagiarism Policy.

Limitations: No guarantees are made as to the salability, marketability, transferability or acceptance by Author’s Dissertation Chairs (or other related academic institution) of the completed components of the dissertation undertaken in this Seminar or Service. Nor is there a guarantee that the Author’s dissertation is completely error-free, and meets all the Author’s institution’s academic requirements for acceptance, though all efforts will be made by WriteDis and its Staff to meet those requirements.

Discretion and Confidentiality: WriteDis provides discreet and professional services and will not disclose the identity of the users of its seminars and services.  Do not include the name of WriteDis in your final dissertation. WriteDis further agrees not to reproduce, give, or show to anyone any material sent to it by the Author, unless services from a third party are agreed to.   Applicable Laws: Both parties agree that this Conditions of Service agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of Florida, USA.  Amendments:  This Agreement may be amended only in writing signed by both parties.


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