3 Easy Steps to Finish Your Doctoral Dissertation Within Months!


Free Dissertation Consultation

Request a Free Dissertation Writing Consultation: ask us your dissertation questions, discuss related issues, confirm your dissertation writing “needs” and decide on the next appropriate Steps (STEP TWO or STEP THREE).


Dissertation Writing Seminars

Select Step Two if the Dissertation Writing Seminar option best fits your dissertation needs. You then proceed to register, participate in Seminar(s), finish the writing of your dissertation and graduate.


Dissertation Coaches

If Step Three is selected, we will assign a Dissertation Writing Coach to assist with one-to-one coaching in the area(s) of need that you have identified. You then proceed to finish the dissertation and graduate.


Seminars are organized into 61 STEPS, facilitated by university professors and presented in video format using character and object animations, to connect with our dissertation writing audience and to demonstrate a complex process (writing a doctoral dissertation) in a simple way.  Our animated videos present a welcoming environment that ensures everyone absorbs the information being presented.  In the end, the goal is to simplify the process and present information in a manner that doctoral candidates can use to write their doctoral dissertation (or thesis). 

Although the information is comprehensive and powerful, Seminars are presented in a simple, easy to understand format, and respond to the needs of doctoral students who prefer animated video over static content like slide decks and PDFs, because they are simply more interesting and effective.


If you are one among the majority who is more likely to watch an animated video than read text or listen to a lecture, then those Seminars are exactly what you need to complete your dissertation and graduate with this doctorate, in no time at all!

Each STEP combines colorful graphics and eye-catching object animations with animated text, to connect with our doctoral students and to demonstrate the complex process of writing a doctoral dissertation in a simple way. Together, they create a powerful and engaging learning environment, thus allowing doctoral candidates to better capture and benefit from the information presented.

Animated videos present huge benefits for doctoral candidates in the dissertation writing phase.  When combined with our comprehensive 61 STEPS curriculum, they also allow candidates to better benefit from the information presented, while motivating them to completing their doctoral dissertations within deadlines.

Seminars are facilitated by our Dissertation Writing Seminar Leaders and Dissertation Coaches who are academic professors with the sole responsibility of guiding you through each step of the dissertation research and writing process.  We do not interfere with your university course work and other responsibilities. This is consistent with our role—to show you how to write your dissertation, using our time-tested dissertation writing strategies, and following very strict ethical guidelines for good academic conduct.

Anti-Plagiarism: The Dissertation Leader, Consultant, Coach, Statistician or Editor (referred together as “staff”) does not edit, nor correct content or make revisions that violate the “Plagiarism” policy of colleges and universities. If there are content issues related to plagiarism, the Author will be advised to seek assistance from his or her Dissertation Chair (or other persons or sources so authorized) to address such plagiarism. The staff will solely focus on the objectives of the Seminar or Service as described in the Description of Service.  This notwithstanding, the Dissertation Leader will provide ample guidance on how to follow the anti-plagiarism policy of most universities. 

Our Network

Collectively, our Network comprises of university program leaders, managers, directors, professors, Seminar Leaders, editors, statistical analysts and consultants. Together we provide the academic and support services doctoral students depend on daily to complete their doctoral dissertations with confidence.

Every member of our network holds a doctorate or advanced degree from a regionally accredited institution.  We present a rich academic and culturally diverse team of educators from a variety of disciplines and specializations, with many years of academic and professional experience.  We guide candidates, just like you, through each and every step of the dissertation writing process. We have a thorough understanding of the dissertation writing process and have helped many students to successfully write their dissertations.  In the end, we have one responsibility — to show you how to write a successful dissertation!  We will ensure that you write a dissertation that meets the expectation and approval of your Dissertation Committee and university.

Founder and Creative Strategist

I have recruited, taught and advised doctoral students for many years.  Although they were all intelligent and motivated, it did not take me long to realize that while intelligence and motivation are essential traits, those alone won’t get them the Doctorate.  I have seen them succeed and fail…and when they fail, it is always related to writing the doctoral dissertation”.  Dr. Hilroy Thomas, Founder and Creative Strategist of WriteDis and the Dissertation Writing Network.

Currently Professor Emeritus, Dr. Thomas designed and led many online (including doctoral) programs for many years at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. However, his work in the use of digital technology preceded St. Thomas.  As an early adopter, he developed unique digital learning programs (including one in law, several “Degree Completions” and Masters, and a doctoral program in Leadership and Management, online). Throughout he engaged in research on the completion behavior of doctoral students. This led him to the stack realization that attrition rates among doctoral students were astronomically high.

Hence, to the original story that connects Dr. Thomas to Dissertation Writing. He started coaching graduate students on how to write their doctoral dissertations while completing his own doctorate in the School of Education at Harvard University.  During that period, he worked with students from many disciplines, focusing primarily on data collection, analysis and the reporting sections of their doctoral dissertations.  Later, as he worked with international organizations worldwide, he continued to meet and help doctoral students working on their dissertations.

While researching graduation patterns of his doctoral students, Dr. Thomas discovered that creating a type of learning environment that pro-actively supports the dissertation writing process could significantly increase their time to completion.  Hence, the Dissertation Writing Network and WrteDis are the result of his creative vision which started years ago at Harvard!

His research on time to completion led to a sustainable understanding of “what to get right” — the elements of writing a successful doctoral dissertation.

Today, WriteDis and the Dissertation Writing Network are focused on the explicit needs of doctoral students — enhanced and value-added dissertation writing experiences, higher completion rates, and efficiencies that reduce their time to completion and associated costs.  Dr. Thomas continues to champion the “how to get it right”—and is at the forefront of getting doctoral students across the finish line with their doctorates in hand.